Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Desperate for validation by the Blogosphere. Can you help.

It's not easy being a product of the mishmashmix of Jewish and Americana. Some how no one believes your really any one thing, because your not. You go to temple and dig the cantor, but you fall asleep with the transistor radio next to your ear full of the Supremes or the Doors, You know you should not love Buck Owens on Hee Haw, but you do.  

So you wander in the wilderness for 40 years (or 49, but who's counting). Somewhere along the way you amass a wild array of experiences, ideas, skills. And if you are any good. If you have something to say or share thats not just a repetition of the next guy in line. You let it out. Now maybe the geniuses of this world can let it out any way they want. Maybe they can make perfection out of the either it self. Not me. It all comes out through that early life filter. That digging the cantor supremes on the radio filter.  

As I am making my way creatively all the bits and pieces are still clinging to my clothes, falling out of my hair and into the soup. Sounds messy because it is, but beautiful and wonderful too. And feeling music is a collaborative process, between performer and audience, or within a group, I seek out those who have something to add, rather than only choosing people on the same page. It's a marketing nightmare.. let me tell you.

If I were stronger, or a trustafarian, I could not care. Get up on my high horse and cruise off in
to the sun setting just beyond the field of dreams. But thats not me. Mr of the world, in the world, people loving person. And who doesn't want to be loved, and be told "YES YES YES... you have IT" (as Neal Cassidy would say), or at least "Darling, ve had zuch a goot time. Didn't ve Ethel".

So my friend, can you spare a moment to help out a guy in need. Can you reach into your back pocket and hand me a bit of that stuff I have seen you spending elsewhere. Just a few lines would do. Click here Go Van Gogh write anywhere.

Thats all for now.



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