Sunday, May 24, 2009

The one man band, possibly bland.

The corporatist world would have us believe in the Army Of One.  It's what the personal computer industry is built on.  It's the wet dream of your boss at work. But I just don't see it.  If you really think that dance your doing by your self is the Tango, well good
luck to you friend.

Yes, yes,  I know I went into this all before, but recently I was mixing some tracks at 
Wally Sound's studio.  Wally was at the controls, and he has a lot of controls under his control.  Not only does he have all the old school 2 inch 24 track gear, but he is up to date in the digital world. When you need to make that sax sound like metal birds chirping for 7 seconds, Wally just happens to have bought a plug in with that in mind.  

Plus Wally has great ears, and can slice and dice your bits and bytes with easy going alacrity. Wally does charge for his expertise, but gives good value, and at the end of the day, you end up with tracks that you wont be shoving under the counter at your online store "oh that track, well... I sorta didn't... well,, it's not quite..., here look I got this better one".  You know it's true.  When you don't take care of business, you gots no business to take care of.

But if you work with people who have real skills, both playing in the band, and professionals on the technical tip,  you have something lasting at the end of the day.  Something that you can
 play 20 years on and not cringe because it sounds dated, or under done.  Take for exact instance Go Van Gogh's latest single Cycek.   Not only is the tune extremely well 
played, but  Wally mic'd and mixed the band to a crunchy clear perfection.  Recording at home would not get us the same quality of sound, unless we had put in the years Wally has of accumulating great mic's and gear along with the time put in learning how to use those tools.

If you haven't got the money, and your lack of social skills mean no one in their right mind will work with you, sure, go ahead, make your art alone out in the barn, down in the basement, in your little room over the garage.  Geniuses can always milk fresh sounds out of whatever falls to hand.  I used my old fostex 2 track untill it died, followed by a yamaha 4 track, followed by Logic express on my mac.
All great for fleshing out ideas, but personally not being Beethoven, or Beck even, I find the Vaseline and handkerchief route is far less satisfying than playing together with others. The work I can hold my head up about, and without reservation ask you to PAY ME FOR  was 
created in collaborations where everyone brought the love and skills  to the table.  

Thats all for now



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